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Documenting the making of my first Cook Islands tivaevae quilt

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New flyers!

Thanks to Jenny, we passed out a nice stack of our new flyers at Hura Tahiti last weekend!

First day of shooting

My view from our first day of shooting #tivaevaefilm. #documentary #filmmaking

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Taking Tongaroa for a drive

I picked up a full car load of #CookIslands crafts and artifacts for our #PIFA booth this weekend. Tangaroa had to ride up front. We gave at least two guys on the freeway a reason to smile. #aloha #sandiego

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Flyer prep for #PIFA #SanDiego!

Prepping flyers to hand out at the #PIFA Cook Islands cultural booth next weekend. 7 days from today, ahh!

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Making new friends in Beaumont

A few of the friends we made at the Beaumont Ho’olau’lea back in June. #pacificislanders #festival #drumming #tbt

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